The Silvery Pools of Briarvale

Ill Portents
Perhaps some truths are best left undiscovered.

Mysterious news has spread throughout the Nentir Valley. Briarvale has grown strangely quiet, and most distressingly, apathetic towards trade. Little solid information has been surfaced, but the citizenry of Fallcrest, accustomed to bad news, are abuzz with apprehensive speculation. The Lord Warden Faren Markelhay has not yet issued a statement, but has reportedly begun a tacit investigation on the rumors.

Coincidentally, a party of 3 mismatched adventurers has embarked to Briarvale, under the employ of Old Keller, the premier criminal ringleader in Fallcrest.

After a brief fraccas with some goblins along the South Quay Terrace, a wooded road approximately 4 miles east of old King’s Road, the party eventually arrived at Briarvale, and found what appeared to be a deserted ramshackle town. After grilling a passing merchant for what few scraps of information they could glean, they decided to pay a visit to the town church, only to find that it was occupied by some suspicious looking parishioners.

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